Project Director

Laura Vorachek is Professor of English at the University of Dayton. Her research focuses on Victorian periodicals, Victorian literature, Jane Austen, and detective fiction. Her publications on nineteenth-century British women journalists include:

Data entry and Research

Data entry and research contributed by Mallory Boring (University of Dayton, BA 22), Lexi Gallion (University of Dayton, MA 21), and Laura Vorachek.

Web Development

Under the direction of Dr. Nick Stiffler (University of Dayton), this website was redesigned by Julia Bays (BS 23, MS 24) and Gabrielle Snyder (BS 23) in Spring of 2023. In Fall 2023, Julia Bays developed/designed the website's infrastructure. In Spring 2024, Julia Bays serves as the project manager and co-technical lead, while Konor Tice (BS 23, MS 24) serves as the co-technical lead. The following students contributed to the website's development in Spring 2024: Beecher Dune (BS 24), Sadie Kuprionis (BS 24), Daniel Sheldon (BS 24, BM 24), Angela Wise (BS 24).

Under the direction of Dr. Phu Phung, the following University of Dayton students contributed to earlier iterations of this website: Samantha Adrian (BS 22), Marino Brkic (BS 21), Gabriel Hoban (BS 22), Daniel Kosmin (BS 22), Han Le (BS 22), Samuel Miller (BS 22), Badri Narayanan (MS 22), and Kittisak Phanwong (BS 21).

If you would like to contribute information or biographies about Society of Women Journalists members between 1894 and 1914, please contact Laura Vorachek (